Supply Chain


  • Supply Chain Solutions turn your Supply Chain into Competency through our Optimized Contour Competency Model(OCC Model)
  • Supply Chain Model enhances your supply chain by optimizing the True Performance Indicators of your supply chain such as Inventory, Transportation, Cycle Time, Order & Billing and Compliance.
  • From a cost perspective Inventory and Transportation have always played a big role in Supply Chain.
  • A Strategic Sourcing Solution Model realizes the importance of Strategic Sourcing and its costs.
  • The Solutions also cater to a more effective and efficient Order and Billing processes with a strong focus to International Trade Compliance.
  • Kalven’s Strategic Supply Chain Design include Supply chain Optimization, Facility Design, Site Selection, Strategic Supplier Partnership Programs.

Business Value

  • Supplier Relationship
  • Network Optimization
  • Reduced Inventory
  • Lean Six Sigma Process Flow
  • Cycle Time Modeling
  • Performance Management Models
  • Customer Satisfaction

Kalven understands the importance of supply chain in the modern manufacturing world and the significance of forming strategic long term partnership with the suppliers and carriers to ensure a continuous flow of materials and goods across the supply chain.