• Certified business and technical professionals address challenges in the BPM space with a comprehensive offering that ensures a smooth and swift implementation of industry BPM platforms including Pega Systems frameworks, Websphere/Lombardi, Weblogic/Oracle, and Microsoft BizTalk.
  • Kalven’s System Integration specialists extend their knowledge and experience to help customers implement BPM Solutions.
  • To guarantee the highest quality of implementation highly experienced architects are available to our resources and the client teams for knowledge transfer, on-the-job support and other types of engagement in implementation and to achieve client’s strategic business objectives.

Business Value

  • Kalven’s BPM Solutions are Structured on a Cost to Profit Transformation Model (CPT)
  • Kalven’s Solutions not only use the state of the Art Development Methodologies, but they also use a set of Operational (Synergy) and Performance (Lean Six Sigma Quality) Metrics to transform your Cost Center Business Unit to a Profit Center Business Unit.
  • The operational metrics to drive Customer Satisfaction and to create Synergies in our Processes are as follows:
  • Cost Savings
  • Added Value
  • Flexibility
  • Integration
  • Performance
  • Automation

BPM also helps to manage end-to-end customer-facing processes, data consolidation, increased visibility, flexibility and integration and provides a common platform for the collaboration of Business and Technology. The four main BPM components include Process Engine, Business Analytics, Content Management and Collaboration Tools.