ASN.1 based Tools/Frameworks

Kalven Technologies provides tools and frameworks that make it simple to work with systems built using ASN.1 based messaging and data/field packing.


ASN.1 syntax Compiler/Translator, translates TIA/GSM ASN.1 messages to either XML, CSV formats. Reports can be generated based on the TAG MAPS and APPLICATION IDs.


ASN.1 based biometric data viewer that supports the OASIS XML Common Biometric Format (XCBF) encoded messages; These XML encodings are based on the ASN.1 schema defined in ANSI X9.84:2003 Biometrics Information Management and Security.

Healthcare Portals/Frameworks

Physician OE Portal

An "end to end" Order Entry workflow portal built on "Pay as you use" or "Pay for Performance" model. This OE portal facilitates and increases physician office staff productivity. The configurable verification tools provide instant reporting capabilities on the order entry and receipt publish activities.



A comprehensive set of JAVA frameworks/packages for generating user friendly HL7 data presentation views.